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Information about the "sidclic1" detector


Name: sidclic1
Title: CLIC Silicon Detector CDR
Author: Christian Grefe
Status: development
Version: $Id: compact.xml,v 1.3 2010/12/02 16:34:00 grefe Exp $
Level: Geant4 simulation and full event reconstruction
Summary: view
Calibrations: view
Tracking: view
Last modified: September 07, 2017

Reconstruction tags

Reconstruction tag Tag lists: rfull201

Detector geometry files

HEPREP: sidclic1.heprep
LCDD: sidclic1.lcdd
Pandora: sidclic1.pandora

Download of complete detector

Download: sidclic1.zip
Image of sidclic1


The compact format for the CLIC Silicon Detector used for the conceptual design report. See https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CLIC/ClicSidCdr. The original name is CLIC SID CDR. Originally based on CLIC 01 detector, SID flavor. The reconstruction part was corrected to be able to use new slicPandora and PandaraPFA.


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