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Information about the "sidloi4" detector


Name: sidloi4
Title: Silicon Detector LOI3 with improved tracking in the forward region
Author: Norman Graf, Jeremy McCormick, S.Chekanov, J.Zuzelski
Status: development
Version: $Id: compact.xml,v 1.13 2016/06/26 23:46:56 S.Chekanov, J.Zuzelski Exp $
Level: Geant4 simulation and full event reconstruction
Summary: view
Calibrations: view
Tracking: view
Last modified: March 31, 2017

Reconstruction tags

Reconstruction tag Tag lists: rfull003

Detector geometry files

HEPREP: sidloi4.heprep
LCDD: sidloi4.lcdd
Pandora: sidloi4.pandora

Download of complete detector

Download: sidloi4.zip
Image of sidloi4


The compact format for the Silicon Detector as described in the LOI 090204 plus improved tracking in the forward region. Includes global XY segmentation in cal endcaps.


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