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Dataset: "tev27pp_qcd_pythia8_weighted"

Summary Comments
Name: tev27pp_qcd_pythia8_weighted
Collisions: pp
CM Energy: 27 TeV
Entry ID: 314
Topic: SM
Generator: PYTHIA8
Calculation level: LO+PS+hadronisation
Process: QCD dijets (weighted)
Total events: 300000
Number of files: 30
Cross section (σ): 8.501E+07 ± 4.897E+05pb Warning: Not accurate for weighted events
Luminosity (L): 0.0035 pb-1   (or)   3.529E-06 fb-1   (or)   3.529E-09 ab-1 Warning: Not accurate for weighted events
Format: ProMC
Download URL: http://mc.hep.anl.gov/asc/hepsim/events/pp/27tev/pythia8_qcd_wgt/ Status: Not available. Server error?
Mirrors: http://portal.nersc.gov/project/m1758/data/events/pp/27tev/pythia8_qcd_wgt/
EVGEN size: 1.95 GB
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Fast simulation:
Full simulation:
Fast/Full size: 0.00 GB
Record slimmed: Yes
Events weighted: Yes
Submission time: Tue Apr 17 15:50:24 EDT 2018
Updated on: Wed Apr 18 8:55:57 EDT 2018
Inclusive dijet events for pT>50 GeV. (PhaseSpace:pTHatMin=50 GeV). PDF: LHAPDF6:NNPDF23_lo_as_0130_qed. Pythia8 tune Tune:pp = 14 similar to ATLAS. Created for studies by Frank Taylor.

How to use

This is weighted events to obtain good statistics up to very large pT. This feature is set via PhaseSpace:bias2Selection and PhaseSpace:bias2SelectionPow = 5.0. Use event weights to obtain correct pT distribution.

Slimmed as

Particle records are slimmed (all stable with pT>0.3 GeV) and (PID=5 || PID=6) or PID>22 && PID<38) or PID>10 && PID<17).

File metadata:
ProMC version: 4; Nr events: 10000; Varint E: 10000; Varint L: 1000; Logfile: logfile.txt; Last modified: 2018-04-17 16:56:46; Settings: PYTHIA-8.23; ApplyParticleSlim=on;EventsNumber=10000;Random:setSeed = on;Random:seed = 0;Beams:idA = 2212;Beams:idB = 2212;Beams:eCM = 27000.;HardQCD:all = on;PDF:pSet = LHAPDF6:NNPDF23_lo_as_0130_qed;Tune:ee = 7 ;Tune:pp = 14;SpaceShower:rapidityOrder = on;SigmaProcess:alphaSvalue = 0.140;SpaceShower:pT0Ref = 1.56;SpaceShower:pTmaxFudge = 0.91;SpaceShower:pTdampFudge = 1.05;SpaceShower:alphaSvalue = 0.127;TimeShower:alphaSvalue = 0.127;BeamRemnants:primordialKThard = 1.88;MultipartonInteractions:pT0Ref = 2.09;MultipartonInteractions:alphaSvalue = 0.126;PhaseSpace:mHatMin = 50.;PhaseSpace:pTHatMin = 50;ParticleDecays:limitTau0 = on;ParticleDecays:tau0Max = 10;PhaseSpace:bias2Selection = on;PhaseSpace:bias2SelectionPow = 5.0;;

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Author: S.Chekanov


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