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Dataset: "tev13pp_mg5_dm_boson"

Summary Comments
Name: tev13pp_mg5_dm_boson
Collisions: pp
CM Energy: 13 TeV
Entry ID: 329
Topic: Exotics
Generator: MADGRAPH/PY8
Calculation level: LO+PS+hadronisation
Process: Zprime for dijet+W/Z events
Total events: 90000
Number of files: 9
Cross section (σ): 0.2079 ± 0pb Estimated from file Nr 1
Luminosity (L): 4.328E+05 pb-1   (or)   432.8373 fb-1   (or)   0.4328 ab-1
Format: ProMC
Download URL: http://mc.hep.anl.gov/asc/hepsim/events/pp/13tev/mg5_pythia8_dm_boson/ Status: Not available. Server error?
Mirrors: http://portal.nersc.gov/project/m1758/data/events/pp/13tev/mg5_pythia8_dm_boson/
EVGEN size: 2.201 GB
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Fast/Full size: 0.00 GB
Record slimmed: No
Events weighted: No
Submission time: Wed Sep 26 16:39:40 EDT 2018
Updated on: Mon Oct 15 14:08:11 EDT 2018
Madgraph5 simulation of Zprime in dijet+W/Z events. Zprime is a massive particle decaying to two jets and an associated W/Z (leptonic decays). Pythia8 was used to shower events. LHAPDF6:NNPDF23_lo_as_0130_qed. The sample was created using the Pythia8 tune Tune:pp = 14 similar to ATLAS.


These files were created for validation of a Dark Matter model for an ATLAS analysis in the exotic group.

MG5 settings

MadGraph5_aMC@NLO version Parameters:
set default_unset_couplings 99
set group_subprocesses Auto
set ignore_six_quark_processes False
set loop_optimized_output True
set loop_color_flows False
set gauge unitary
set complex_mass_scheme False
set max_npoint_for_channel 0
import model sm
define p = g u c d s u~ c~ d~ s~
define j = g u c d s u~ c~ d~ s~
define l+ = e+ mu+
define l- = e- mu-
define vl = ve vm vt
define vl~ = ve~ vm~ vt~
import model DMsimp_s_spin1
define p = 21 2 4 1 3 -2 -4 -1 -3 5 -5 # pass to 5 flavors
define j = p
define l = l+ l-
define v = vl vl~
generate p p > y1 l v, y1 > j j
add process p p > y1 l l, y1 > j j
with bwcutoff=100 which effectively made it so that the y1 > j j decay can happen for offshell y1.

File metadata:
ProMC version: 4; Nr events: 10000; Varint E: 100000; Varint L: 1000; Logfile: logfile.txt; Last modified: 2018-09-26 15:31:58; Settings: PYTHIA-8.23; ApplyParticleSlim=off;EventsNumber=100000;Random:setSeed = on;Random:seed = 0;Beams:idA = 2212;Beams:idB = 2212;Beams:eCM = 13000.;Beams:frameType = 4;HardQCD:all = off;ParticleDecays:tau0Max = 10;Tune:pp = 14;Tune:ee = 7;SpaceShower:rapidityOrder = on;SigmaProcess:alphaSvalue = 0.140;SpaceShower:pT0Ref = 1.56;SpaceShower:pTmaxFudge = 0.91;SpaceShower:pTdampFudge = 1.05;SpaceShower:alphaSvalue = 0.127;TimeShower:alphaSvalue = 0.127;BeamRemnants:primordialKThard = 1.88;MultipartonInteractions:pT0Ref = 2.09;MultipartonInteractions:alphaSvalue = 0.126;ParticleDecays:tau0Max = 10;

Nr Analysis code Output image Output data
Author: Henry Meng (U. Toronto)


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