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Name: rfull102
Detector: sidcc3
Description: Silicon version of the CEPC detector based on the SiD
Experiment: CEPC
Simulation: SLIC (v5.1). Based on Geant4 10.3.p1
Reconstruction: fpadsim-1.4 on OSG: lcsim 4.0, slicPandora, pandoraPFA
Download: rfull102.tgz
Submission time: Tue Mar 21 19:33:08 EDT 2017
Updated on: -
Submitter: S.Chekanov, M.Ruan, W.Yao, etc.

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This is a version of the CEPC detector based on the silicon tracker. Its dimensions are compatible with the CEPC detector based on TPC. Unlike sidcc1 and sidcc2 geometries, the current design features 3 T field and 1.8 m outer tracker, and other changes that are required for better tuning to the CEPC CDR (2017) (alternative silicon tracker).


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