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Information about the "sifcch4" detector


Name: sifcch4
Title: A silicon Detector for FCC-hh studies. Based on the SiD detector Loi3 (N.Graf, J.McCormick). Part of HepSim repository
Author: S.Chekanov, A.Kotwal etc.
Status: development
Version: $Id: compact.xml,v2.0 2016/05/17 23:46:56 Sergei Chekanov Exp $
Level: Geant4 simulation and full event reconstruction
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Last modified: March 17, 2017

Reconstruction tags

Reconstruction tag Tag lists: rfull006

Detector geometry files

HEPREP: sifcch4.heprep
LCDD: sifcch4.lcdd
Pandora: sifcch4.pandora

Download of complete detector

Download: sifcch4.zip


This is FCC-h like detector based on the Silicon Detector (SiD). Currently it is smaller than the baseline design (similar to ATLAS detector), but it features large solenoid field (5T) and high-granullar tracker and calorimeters. It includes several modification to allow high-pT measurements at FCC-hh. In particular, it has 64 layers for HCAL with 5x5 cm (RegularNgonCartesianGridXY) cell size using scintillators, and ECAL based on 2x2 cm cell size (EcalBarrelCartesianGridXY). ECAL is close to 35 X0. HCAL is 11.25 interaction length (lambda), 0.176 lambda/layer. The total calorimeter thickness is about 12 lambda. The vertex tracking is increased by a factor 3 in Z compared to the SiD, the outer tracker was also increased to provide a good coverage in the barrel region. The endcap was moved away by a factor 2 compared to SiD. The barrel region corresponds to |eta| less than 1.7. Compared to the FCChh-v3, this detector has improved tracker detector layouts. Modules for the layer 3,4,5 of the outer tracker have larger sizes (x2) compared to 1-2 layers.


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